Ultra-Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Facility

Remote access

--- NO beamtime is available during APS-U shutdown

APS USAXS instrument is available through General User Proposal system for "remote user access".  In this case user submits General User proposal, is allocated beamtime through this program, and beamline will schedule user experiment. User needs to do all required training and submit Experiment Safety Assessment form (ESAF) at least two weeks before experiment. User, however, does not travel to APS but ships samples to USAXS staff, and after remote training by USAXS staff, users get remote access to one of the USAXS control computers. User uses remote access to control the experiment during their scheduled beamtime. Users themselves survey sample positions and collect data. Sample holders or samples are mounted in the instrument by USAXS staff, which is also available to help users if needed. 

Only limited types of samples are accepted for remote access experiments:

  1. Solid samples (solid pieces or powders in pouches) mounted on sample plates
  2. Liquid samples in NMR tubes or melting capillaries
  3. Linkam heater experiments with Linkam 600 or Linkam 1500. 

Further, samples must be safe to handle for staff without specific training. 

What is not acceptable for remote access experiments: samples requiring local preparation (mixing, filling in capillaries, heating, reacting, freezing, ultrasonication, etc.). Radioactive samples, samples requiring protective atmosphere, anything, which staff cannot handle easily and safely. Any sample can be disallowed by staff due to handling or safety reasons, so, talk to staff ahead of requesting this type of experiment.  

Sample mounting & delivery:

Solid samples need to be pre mounted on Acrylic Plates, which we will mail to users before experiments if needed. We have multiple Acrylic Sample Plates available, if these are not suitable talk to staff what sample holders should look like. Users will pre-mount the samples on these plates and ship us back (with delivery at least 3 days before scheduled beamtime!) plates as well as Igor experiment with filled Sample tables. 

Liquid samples need to be safely sealed in NMR tubes or melting capillaries, see here.  Liquids need to be shipped to staff and staff will mount them into our current liquid holders. We are developing holder for 100 custom short NMR tubes for use in the future. 

Staff must be informed before shipping to APS about any safety issues related to all samples. Check other pages : shipping, sample environments, data management, and APS user information (many very useful pages). 


Computer access :
APS wiki for remote access - this wiki provides information for NoMachine (NX) access system - software and hardware requirements, credentials system explanation, etc. Read this first. 
Delos NoMachine server 
How to prepare samples and command files :
Youtube movie how to survey samples at home before shipment to us
Manual for Indra USAXS Igor tools for this tool. 
Acrylic Plate mounting instructions (pdf) 

All experiments must be approved by APS safety group and beamline staff before they can run. Users must be approved APS users with all training up to date. All users must follow all APS/ANL regulations and staff instructions at all times.