Ultra-Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Facility

Shipping instructions

Shipping instructions

USAXS Technical Contact:

Dr. Jan Ilavsky or Dr. Ivan Kuzmenko
(630) 252 - 0866 or (630) 252 - 0327

Shipments without proper identification (user name/package content) will be discarded by waste disposal group and cost of materials identification will be charged to user!

Shipping and mailing address to APS(use contact name of staff working with you)

Your Name
c/o Dr. Jan Ilavsky or Dr. Ivan Kuzmenko
X-Ray Science Division
Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Avenue, bldg 433A
Lemont, IL 60439, USA

Include cover letter/instructions with your name, address and when your beamtime is!!!
Keep in mind - NO SATURDAY delivery at ANL! Samples delivered after 10am will be delivered next busness day, which may be Monday!

Shipping and mailing address (to APS) for hazardous materials (use contact name of staff working with you)

Your name
c/o Dr. Jan Ilavsky or Dr. Ivan Kuzmenko
Building 433A002
c/o HazMat Receiving, Building 46
9700 South Cass Avenue
Lemont, IL 60439, USA
  • Add at least 24 hours (business day) for delivery on site. It is illegal to pickup hazadrous samples by staff/users from receiving.
  • Ship following proper shipping procedures (DOT packaging) and include MSDS sheets with materials.
  • Include cover letter/instructions with your name, address and when your beamtime is!!!

Instructions for shipping materials from APS 

Please note, that shipping from ANL/APS is major source of problems for users. Any and all shipping sent through ANL systems is considered shipping by ANL and has to conform to all and any applicable laws, regulations, and DOE rules. The fact something was accepted for shippment by carriers to ANL is inconsequential for shipping back to your home facility. Also note, that users cannot be "shippers" and only ANL staff can be responsible for shipping from ANL. This creates problems, where shipment accepted by staff for shipping to users were later refused by shipping department and returned to ANL staff for repackaging and paperwork update.  This caused problems and delays and in some cases we were unable to ship materials back to users at all. Users are therefore urged to dispose of samples as waste (which is easier) or arrange alternate shipping plans if safe and technically possible.

For users who insist on shipping materials back, talk with staff to get instructions. Following these instructions gives your samples reasonable chance of being shipped back to you. Please note, that these instructions seem minimum requirements! Not adhering carefully to even these minimum requirements practically guarantees that your samples will not be shipped. Shipping of materials OUT of APS is handled by USAXS staff. Users must fill the this form package materials properly (Shipping WILL open the package, so do NOT tape over) and contact staff ahead to organize transfer of the package.