Ultra-Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Facility

On site experiments

Due to COVID Pandemic limitations, APS USAXS instrument is currently NOT available for on-site access. See following information.

When on-site access will be enabled, USAXS instrument will be again available through General User Proposal system for regular on-site user access.  In this case user submits General User proposal, is allocated beamtime through this program, and beamline will schedule user experiment. User needs to do all required training and submit Experiment Safety Assessment form (ESAF) at least two weeks before experiment. User, however, comes to APS and after on-site training by USAXS staff, users get full access the USAXS instrument - and when requested also Chemical Laboratory.  User can prepare their samples in the laboratory and operates instrument during their scheduled beamtime. Users themselves survey sample positions and collect data.  Staff is available for support as needed. 

Many sample types are accepted for on-site access experiments:

  1. Solid samples (solid pieces or powders in pouches) mounted on sample plates
  2. Liquid samples in NMR tubes or melting capillaries
  3. Linkam heater experiments with Linkam 600 or Linkam 1500. 
  4. Samples requiring chemical preparation work in the chem. lab. 
  5. Radioactive, reactive, and any samples which can be approved through ESAF system. This often requires collaboration between APS safety group, USAXS staff, and users. 
  6. User equipment, as long as it is suitable for experiment, compatible with USAXS instrument, and can pass safety inspection. Talk with instrument staff before proposing such experiments. It can be tedious process. 

All experiments must be approved by APS safety group and beamline staff before they can run. Users must be approved APS users with all training up to date. All users must follow all APS/ANL regulations and staff instructions at all times.