Ultra-Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Facility

Software Description

Software packages by Jan Ilavsky

All packages are made for Igor Pro (www.wavemetrics.com), which currently has version 8.04. If you do not have a license for Igor Pro, you can install Igor Pro on your computer and it will run for 30 days as full featured demo version. After 30 days it becomes feature limited demo. This demo period should be more than enough to evaluate if you want to spend money on the license. For installation instructions see specific page for each package. 

Package description (= which package I need?)

  • Small-Angle Scattering data analysis - "Irena" - this is package for analysis of SAS (1D) data. It can also analyze simple reflectivity data and has basic tools to evaluate WAXS (powder diffraction) data. Number of support tools (graphing, data manipulation etc.) is included. Widely used package.
  • Area detector data reduction - "Nika" - this is package for data reduction (2D -> 1D) of SAXS or WAXS (=powder diffraction) data generated using area detectors. This is widely applicable package which is used by SAXS and WAXS community around the world. 
  • USAXS data reduction - "Indra" - this is package needed for reduction of USAXS data.  That is for the Bonse-Hart USAXS component of the USAXS/SAXS/WAXS instrument. Unless you used my instrument, you should not need this, even though the same package can be used to reduce data from desktop Boinse-Hart instruments by Rigaku. But this was not tested for long time now. 
  • Exponential decay data fitting - "Clementine" - this is package for fitting of any exponential decay data. It uses Maximum entropy method to generate distribution of exponential decay coefficients for  complicated (mixed) or simple exponential decay data.
  • Anomalous X-ray contrast calculation - "Cromer-Liberman" - this is package in Igor code which calculates Cromer-Liberman f', f", etc.  Converted from original Fortran code. 

macOS Catalina Warning (Irena/Nika/Indra)

Please note, that Igor Pro has issues running old xop packages on macOS Catalina due to system protection system (Gatekeeper). I personally run Igor 8.04 on Catalina without problems, but getting xops to load is bit challenge. One time challenge... If you need to use Catalina, here are some helpful links. General Wavemetrics statement: https://www.wavemetrics.com/news/igor-pro-macos-1015-catalina, and how to get xops loading: https://www.wavemetrics.com/node/21088 

Required versions

Current version is for Igor 8.03 and higher and is release September2020.

Last version compatible with Igor 7.08 is February2020 release and needs to be installed using installer version 1.10 : GH_Installer (for Igor 7.08). Download installer and install packages from February2020 release, not higher.

Versions compatible with Igor 6.37 are really obsolete by now and while links are provided on Irena & Nika pages, I strongly discourage users from using them - last updates on those were done around 2015. 

Quick installation (Irena/Nika/Indra)

Download Installer : GH_Installer (for Igor 8.03 and higher)

Irena, Nika, and Indra packages are all installed, updated, or modified, using the same Igor experiment installer. Download GH_Installer Igor experiment and run it in Igor. Install, upgrade, remove packages you need. Use same Igor experiment to upgrade/downgrade packages as needed. If you are installing these packages first time, install XOPs also. Easiest is to watch How to install movie on my Youtube channel. Note, these packages check monthly for updates.  

Common errors:

"HDF5OpenFile" error

Recently I started to receive frequent reports of error after installation of any of Irena/Nika/Indra packages (typically for Igor 6.37). If you get this error, description of the source and how to fix it is here

Clementine and Cromer-Liberman must be installed manually in User Procedures by users. You can download these from their web pages (see side bar). See Igor help file for more details.