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Important links:

USAXS web page

Irena 2 (software for SAS modeling)

Nika 1 (software for SAS area detector  data reduction )

Irena 2 movies & Handouts

Nika movies & Handouts

Indra 2 (software for USAXS data reduction)

Some other useful code for Igor Pro I wrote:

Cromer-Lieberman code for IgorPro (ver. 4.0): AtomicFormFactors

Clementine, package for modeling decay kinetics

Other useful links…

Home page of Pete Jemian (more SAS)

APS SAS web page

Indra 2 homepage


The reduction of data obtained on the USAXS instrument at 9ID beamline represents number of steps. Data reduction package is named “Indra”, currently version 2 = “Indra 2”, and is composed of number of interconnected macros for Igor Pro 7.x from Wavemetrics. Inc. Igor Pro provides robust customizable platform for this type of work – it provides good graphing capabilities, great mathematical tools and cross-platform compatibility, since Igor Pro is available for PC (Windows) and Mac computers and the code as well as files are easily transferable from one platform to another.

Current release for Igor 7.05 and higher is: 1.93 (updated 11/05/2017)

To install: GitHub installer (for Igor 7.05 and higher) to install Indra/Irena/Nika packages. For Igor 6.37 you scan still use (now frozen) old version 1.91- the last version for Igor 6.37. Install using Universal Installer 1.31.pxp. These installers can check available/installed versions, uninstall the packages and install/update to the latest versions. You need to install all three packages, please...

YouTube Movie instructions. Reducing USAXS fly scan data as well as SAXS and WAXS and merging them together.

Manual install is not really supported anymore... Here are zip files with older versions:, IMPORTANT: this version needs XMLutils xop support. Therefore, please, download appropriate zip file here: Macxop or PCxop and unzip to ...\IgorPro Folder\Igor extensions\. This xop adds support for CanSAS XML export in Indra (and import in Irena) and Indra will not compile without this xop.

  Extending the code capabilities beyond design.

Starting with version 1.40 these macros support also Osmic/Rigaku desktop USAXS instrument data. Actually, I support their "new" data format they provided to me on 4/1/2006. The old data format should work with limitations. I do not plan to add any better support of the old data format, since it is very unstable and varies from installation to installation. Request update of instrument software from them. Please note, that I have no relationship with Osmic/Rigaku. I support the data from this instrument only on as-is basis and with no warrantees to functionality of my software and results. I will provide bug fixing and user support related to my macros only on limited basis. I have no experience with Osmic/Rigaku instrument and I am not in any way responsible or related to support of their instrumentation.

Appropriate use and distribution of these macros:

You can use these macros for data evaluation of any problem you will find them useful for. However, since these are very problem and platform specific macros, I do not think there will be a wide range of other applications. You can also distribute them freely, but only if they are distributed in unmodified form and as whole distribution (whole zip file).

Macros modification:

While users are welcome to customize the macros for their own use, I do not suggest extensive modifications. I am open for suggestions for modifications and updates of these macros by myself. Especially if I find such modification useful for wider range of users, I’ll be happy to modify macros in any useful manner. I strongly urge anyone interested in other/different use of these macros to contact me and I will try to provide at least guidance and help for successful project.  


The desmearing routine is now part of the Irena package. This desmearing routine is more capable than old Indra routine was and more convenient to use. It also will desmear any data, provided slit length is known. It has been tested for USANS data from NIST reactor instrument.

 Bugs reporting:

Please send as complete description of the problem as you can to Please, if at all possible attach the Igor file in question, saved immediately after the problem occurred. Include release number of Indra 2 macros which you are using (suggestion: try updating the macros to last released version before reporting bug, may be t was removed in the mean time). Include as complete list of steps, as possible, which lead to the problem.


I generally provide help to users. As long as the help requests do not overload me, I will continue to do so. However, it would be really nice if you could first read the manual, if things do not work – may be the answer is in the manual.

 Comment: Please keep updating the releases (while keeping the your old – working - copy of macros as backup) since the releases reflect fixes of various bugs and improved functionality. All releases of Indra 2 use the same data structure and are backward compatible. However, there is no compatibility between Indra 1 and Indra 2 versions of the macros, even though Indra 2 contains (not very efficient) macro which converts the Indra 1 data structure into Indra 2 datastructure.

  If you have any questions e-mail me or call me: - US 630 252 0866…



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