Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory   APS USAXS instrument
USAXS instrument at the Advanced Photon Source,
X-ray science division, beamline 15ID (ChemMatCARS)

Advanced Photon Source

A U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science,
Office of Basic Energy Sciences national synchrotron x-ray research facility

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Important links:

USAXS web page

Irena 2 (software for SAS modeling)

Nika 1 (software for SAS area detector  data reduction )

Irena 2 movies & handouts

Nika movies & handouts

Indra 2 (software for USAXS data reduction)

Some other useful code for Igor Pro I wrote:

Cromer-Lieberman code for IgorPro (ver. 4.0): AtomicFormFactors

Clementine, package for modeling decay kinetics

Other useful links…

Home page of Pete Jemian (more SAS)

APS SAS web page

Help movies & Handouts for Nika package of SAS data evaluation and modeling

new location - Youtube channel:

Please, use the new movies on the Youtube channel, this page will be retired soon....

  This page lists available movies designed to help Irena users with various taks. These movies are created on Mac and require Quicktime to play on either Mac or PC.

Installing Irena, Nika, and Indra. Here you should learn how to install Irena macros in Igor Pro on WIndows PC or Mac.

Using Nika (note: 30 minutes long).

and test data from this movie.

Using Nika Handout part I and Handout part II.



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