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USAXS instrument at the Advanced Photon Source,
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Live USAXS data
Software by Jan Ilavsky:
      Indra (reduction)
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      Cromer-Liberman AtFF
      Clementine (kinetic rate analysis)
      other macros
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Glassy Carbon USAXS

Ultra-Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Facility

e-mail:, instrument scientist: Jan Ilavsky, 630-252-0866, and Ivan Kuzmenko, 630-252-0327,

Examples of USAXS data

Silica spheres in solution

Slit smeared configuration, “rocking-curve data”. These data are photodiode intensity (divided by monitor ion chamber intensity) as a function of Q vector. The data are corrected for photodiode/amplifier dark current, but no other correction is done.
The data for silica spheres in solution after all corrections – after subtracting blank from the sample measurement, calibration and desmearing.
The same data as above measured on pin hole collimated instrument (SBUSAXS). First the rocking-curve data.
The data from above, blank subtracted from the sample measurement, calibrated, this time no desmearing routine was needed.

Glassy Carbon

Glassy carbon SAXS intensity standard. glassy carbon USAXS plot

Absolute intensity conversion

For details of the conversion of raw intensity to absolute units of differential scattering cross-section per unit volume per solid angle, please consult:


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