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USAXS Sample Holders for liquid samples


Grace-Bio Liquid cells

These cells are suitable for water based samples (not containing solvents) at room temperatures. These are single use cells, easy to use and convenient. Please, check gracebio web site:

The cost of these is about $4 per cell (1 sample for JTR13 and JTR20, 8 samples for JTR8R cell), please, buy your own if you plan to use these.



Capillaries of more or less any type of glass can be used for USAXS. Please, use 1mm or 1.5mm capillarires, at higher energies even 2mm capillaries are fine. Thinner capillaries are generally not suitable for USAXS.

Sicne the cost is about $5 per capillary we cannot provide capillaries to users, p[lease, buy your own and bring them with you.


These cells, while still available have not been used by users for long time due to their inconvenience...

Our sample cell design for liquids was obtained from the NIST reactor beam lines. This sketch shows downstream, side (exploded), and upstream views of the holder. These cells are designed with a 1 mm beam path between the Kapton windows which enclose the sample. A stainless steel ring provides the sample confinement within the liquid cell.
We have few useable cells of this type available to users, but experience has been less then perfect.

Our multiposition sample holder for liquid cells can hold up to 5 or 20 of the liquid cells.
Shop drawing for the liquid sample cell body. Shop drawing for the liquid sample cell cover.




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