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USAXS Generic Sample Mounting Paddle

Holder for multi-sample mounting plate
Users who can prepare and mount their samples before arriving for their beam time may be able to take advantage of the multi-sample mounting plate. The holder is a plate of aluminum with a 4 inch by 7 inch cut-out. Samples are secured to a mounting plate (e.g., paper, cardboard, plastic) outside dimensions 5 inch wide by 8 inch long.
Sample names, descriptions, positions (with reference to some fixed location on the sample plate), and nominal thicknesses can then be recorded into a table (such as an Excel spreadsheet) to expedite sample measurements at the beam line.

Multi-sample mounting plate
This sample plate (a.k.a. paddle) is then mounted on our multi-sample mounting plate holder using tape or screws (#10-32). Within the holder opening, a user can mount samples in any manner which is convenient.
NOTE: Only the rightmost 3 inches width of this opening can be reached with the beam before the holder contacts a nearby piece of equipment, so please mount all samples within the rightmost 3 inches.

The photo shows an example multiposition sample holder as a mounting plate and mounted on the holder. Likely that only the rightmost two columns are accessible to an experiment.

There are other possibilities for mounting samples with the generic mounting plate holder. For example, Andrew Allen, NIST, has developed a capillary holder as part of a continuous flow cell apparatus which mounts on the generic mounting plate holder.  



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