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Useful Macros for IgorPro

Here we gather together some useful macros we have developed for IgorPro that do not seem to fit into any other category.

Extract Wavenotes from Least-Squares Modeling curve fits

The extractModelingNotes.ipf macro is to be used with the Irena SAS data analysis macro package to extract curve fit results from the wavenote for Least Squares Modeling.

//Function IN2G_UniversalFolderScan(startDF, levels, FunctionName)
//runs Function called in string FunctionName in each subfolder of the startDF
//e.g. IN2G_UniversalFolderScan("root:USAXS:", 5, "IN2G_CheckTheFolderName()")

FUNCTION ExtractModelingNotesFunction()
  // MaximumIntensity
  STRING dist
  Variable i
  FOR (i=0; i<20; i+=1)
    sprintf dist, "ModelingDiameters_%d", i
    IF ( EXISTS(dist) )
        PRINT  "FIT_RESULT:", i, getDataFolder(1), note($dist), "END_RESULT"

MACRO ExtractModelingNotes()
  PRINTF "\r\r\r\r\r"
  IN2G_UniversalFolderScan("root:USAXS:", 5, "ExtractModelingNotesFunction()")
  PRINTF "\r\r\r\r\r"


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